Volunteer editors are collecting comics donated to the Cartoonists for Palestine archive to include in a print anthology called Cartoonists for Palestine that we’ll publish in fall 2024. All profits from sales of this book will be donated to three Palestinian organizations (listed below). Artists included in the book can opt to be paid an honorarium for their work, or to donate the honorarium to the organizations the book is benefiting. 

The editorial team has donated the labor and technical costs of creating and running this website. The costs associated with this project are printing the anthology book and paying artists honorariums. Any money we receive beyond the cost of printing and honorariums will be donated to these three organizations. 

Medical Aid for Palestinians


Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)

Book Cover

Pre-order Cartoonists for Palestine Print Anthology

We aim to publish the book and begin donating proceeds in the summer of 2024.

Currently accepting pre-orders for US only, more regions to follow soon.

We regret to say that PayPal, which we were using for our Bigcartel pre-order site, has abruptly and without warning frozen all funds we have raised so far. We are seeking a different payment and store option, and will be contacting and refunding anyone who pre-ordered the anthology through the Bigcartel site.